​At Columbus Private School your child will be given the best start to a successful education.

Curriculum and Standards

Columbus Private School follows the Ontario Ministry of Education, and the foundation of learning is taught through the Ontario Provincial Curriculum. With this, we exceed the Ontario Curriculum, by providing the most effective ways to help each individual student excel. 

Our program allows every student to reach their academic and personal potential, by offering a syllabus that provides students with a fair balance between structure and choice.

Our program is based on a child centered approach, that takes into account the interests and unique personalities of the class. This allows teachers to plan themed units and activities that are meaningful and authentic to each student.


Teaching Practices and Philosophy

At Columbus Private School we make learning meaningful and authentic to create LIFE LONG learners.  We accomplish this by:

1.  Having students question their learning; we encourage our students to always ask "why?"

2.  Allowing students to make everyday discoveries. We implement lessons that encourage students to construct their own knowledge, rather than teachers providing all solutions.

3.  Using hands on materials whenever possible; to help students begin with concrete learning and later move to an abstract understanding.

4.  Ensuring students thoroughly understand concepts. Our small class sizes allow us to accomplish this by giving students the opportunity to always "explain their thinking."

5. Making learning fun!  Young children need to gain a LOVE for learning!

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