Columbus Private School is your child’s school if s/he:

Needs to be challenged or has special talents that should be nurtured.

Thrives academically with one-on-one instruction.

Enjoys learning with a hands on approach.

Likes to make choices.

Thrives in a small group setting.

Has not reached his or her potential in the public school system.


Needs more self-confidence.

Experiences stress or anxiety in the regular classroom.

We Offer:

International teaching practices that exceed the Ontario Curriculum.

French instruction provided three times per week.​

Extensive opportunities in the Arts by trained professionals.​

Hands-on learning in Mathematics and Science.​

An outdoor classroom emphasizing environmental stewardship.​

Low ratios.​


Extended hours.​

Call us to book an appointment

​3285 Simcoe Street North

Oshawa, ON  L1H 7K4

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