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Our Teachers

Our teachers hold undergraduate and post graduate degrees in the fields of Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Education and Masters of Teaching.

With international teaching experience, our teachers provide individualized programs that emphasize advanced language acquisition skills.

Our teachers have additional specializations in The Arts, offering students  professional instruction in music and dance.


French instruction is provided three times a week, as second languages can be easily mastered by young learners.


​"I can't believe how much my daughter has learned in such a short time. In three months she began reading, spelling and printing. She is so confident and proud of herself."

​                                - Parent

Our School

Conveniently located on Simcoe Street North, just east of Brooklin, we strive to provide a warm school environment, where students feel safe, confident, important and excited to make new discoveries each day.

With small class sizes and an average of a 1:8 teacher to student ratio, we are able to focus on every students physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. 


As a private school, we provide unique opportunities for students to experience monthly excursions and special presentations that reflect their interests. 


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